Testosterone has been known as the primary male hormone that is responsible for normal sexual development and erectile function, libido, for maintaining adequate energy levels and moods. As a part of hormone group named androgens, this hormone is produced mostly by the testes, and it has plenty of benefits for the male organism. When testosterone is discharged in adequate amounts, the organism is able to maintain bone strength, increase muscle mass and physical endurance, stimulate sexual function and sperm production and maintain reproductive tissues.

As you age, the decline in androgens becomes gradual, reaching its peak after thirty to forty years. This decline is usually referred to as andropause. There are several symptoms associated with andropause – some of the most common ones are weaker bones and muscles, a waning interest in sex, increased body fat, gradual decrease of energy, erectile dysfunction and decreased sexual enjoyment. In some situations, other symptoms might include irritability, stiffness, fatigue, pains and aches.

Many studies have proven that testosterone decline (andropause) may contribute to obesity, hypertension (high blood pressure) and an increased heart attack risk, as well. Apparently, many men over the age of eighty have only one fifth of the testosterone level they had when they were young.

For many men, testosterone decline is oftentimes associated with total unhappiness. At The Center for Modern Aging, you will receive the extraordinary opportunity to increase your testosterone levels with bio identical hormones, so that the functions of your body will be significantly improved, and the quality of your life will also increase. Testosterone Replacement Therapy, or TRT, has been shown to be efficient for increasing your testosterone levels, especially if you choose the services of a reliable clinic, with an extensive experience in such delicate interventions.

By choosing The Center for Modern Aging, you receive the opportunity to treat your low testosterone in Augusta, which might be the primary cause of a wide number of inconveniences that might make you really unhappy. Our clinic can provide you with an efficient solution to increase your testosterone levels normally, as we will offer you the best option that can help you solve your problem. Testosterone Replacement Therapy might be performed through subcutaneous injections with HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), sublingual lozenges, intramuscular injections, creams, gels, patches applied to the skin of the scrotum, pellets implanted under the skin or pills. The method that will be used depends on many factors, but regardless of which one you will be using, you are guaranteed of great results from the very first moments after their intervention.

HCG can be extremely helpful for those men who might be susceptible to testicular atrophy. Clinical studies have shown that Testosterone Replacement Therapy can successfully prevent testicular atrophy as long as the intervention is performed accurately, in accord with the standards.

Choosing an adequate clinic for performing a testosterone replacement therapy is of utmost importance, especially because such interventions involve a lot of potential side effects and adverse reactions. If the intervention is not performed properly, the results might be disastrous for the patient. Some of the most common side effects include high red blood cell count, depression, aggression, fluid retention, liver toxicity, skin reactions, local hair growth, poor effectiveness of the treatment and reduced HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol). In some situations, if the testosterone replacement therapy is not performed correctly and the testosterone levels increase too much, patients might deal with oily skin, acne, increased risk of breast cancer, chronic fatigue, impaired memory, hypoglycemia, increased insulin resistance, weight gain, salt and sugar cravings, increased triglycerides, anger, agitation, mood swings, anxiety, depression and several others.

Depending upon the testosterone replacement therapy you will be using, the side effects might vary, which means that patients need to be extremely careful when choosing a solution for their low testosterone Augusta. The Center for Modern Aging has been offering TRT as one of our specialties for a long time, providing all our patients with efficiency and reliability each and every time. Keep in mind that the clinic you choose will directly influence the results and effectiveness of the testosterone replacement therapy.

With us, you can feel at peace and you can regain your youth again. Call us at (706) 869-2007 to get more information about how we can help you.